Talk to the right audience at the right time.

Today, digital advertising goes well beyond basic banner ads and a website. Technology now allows us to hone in on prospects based on their specific demographics, purchase intent, a particular stage in the buying journey, and engagement patterns.

At ZantZoo we use these insights to develop effective advertising campaigns that utilise a range of digital platforms.

Digital advertising enables businesses to find new customers, keep in touch with them via relevant content, and remarket to them until they’re ready to purchase.

To get the most out of a campaign, we create consistent and compelling messaging that combines the right keywords, ad messages, images and site experience to produce sales. We don’t stop there, we test and analyze every aspect of your campaign and rigorously optimize it from start to finish.

The consistent combination of PPC management, optimisation and analytics is how we grow businesses one click-at-a-time.

Ad Design

We create relevant and engaging ad copy, headlines, imagery, video, lead generation forms, and calls to action (CTA’s) to suit a variety of digital ad types. (PPC, display, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

Landing Pages

Your landing page is key to the success of your campaign. We build landing pages that capture attention, encourage leads, are fully optimized, and filled with Calls to Action and lead magnets.

Ad Targeting

Specific, detailed targeting is vital in a low cost, effective campaign. We utilise great content, clearly defined geographic locations, the understanding of buying patterns and audience behaviors, to design strategic, engaging campaigns.

Engage, Analyse and Optimise

We always apply best practices for A/B and multivariate testing for landing pages, pay-per-click, display and social ads to ensure that we optimise for greatest impact and results. Regular reviews are essential.

Campaign Budgets

We’re experts in implementing digital advertising campaigns. We understand the various bidding and buying practices available to ensure a cost-effective campaign. We continually monitor, scale and tweak campaigns to achieve optimum results.

Ad Technology

Ad technology can get complicated. We keep updated with the latest changes to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Ads to ensure we’re ahead in achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Digital Advertising Examples

Google Paid Search Ad

Facebook Advertising

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